Fixing Server 9 Crashes on Windows XP/2003

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This section contains a number of useful hints that stabilize FileMaker Server 9 performance on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. The steps outlined below are experimental and have been found to help stability within FMWebschool servers - however performing any of these changes is done at your own risk with absolutely no implied warranty or support from FMWebshool Inc. We encourage you to discuss these suggestions and seek support at our FileMaker Server 9 Forums.


Removing Indexing from Installation Folders

So far this seems to have made the most significant difference within our servers: the Windows Indexing Service seems to cause fmserver.exe to crash (more specifically segfault) during its scans of this folder and the databases contained within it.

Possible Cause

One possible explanation of this is the method with which FileMaker obtains and implements locks on its open database files. Accessing those files and reading certain areas of them might interfere with certain processes such as caching, flushing to disk, or simple disturbing the actual file pointer that FileMaker Server keeps in memory.


Finding the correct checkbox in the advanced dialog, in this case it is the only selected checkbox which in this tutorial has to be unchecked.

The solution to this problem is to either shut down the indexing service, or simply exclude the whole FileMaker installation from being indexed. The latter option is explained below.

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. Browse to C:\Program Files\FileMaker\ (or your installation location)
  3. Right click on the whole FileMaker directory, select Properties
  4. On the first "General" tab, click "Advanced..."
  5. Within the Advanced dialog, remove the "For fast searching, allow Indexing Service to index this folder" (see screenshot on the right for the location of this checkbox)
  6. When asked to apply changes to this folder only or subfolders and files, choose "Apply changes to this folder, subfolders, and files"

That is it, now your FileMaker Server will hopefully be much more stable while operating within the Windows environment.

Anti-virus Settings

It has been reported by some users that antivirus services can interfere with FileMaker Server. Most anti-virus services have settings to disable scanning certain folders which should be use to exclude the FileMaker Server folder.

Possible Cause

Just like the indexing service interference, anti-virus software attempts to monitor and read any changes made on the hard drive which can interfere with the internal mechanics of FileMaker server caching and interaction with open database files.


Disable scanning of the whole FileMaker installation directory using your anti-virus configuration dialogs.

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