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This area has been made to house requests for specific how-to articles about the different things you can do with FMStudio, as well as help when you occasionally have to step out and write a bit of custom code. Please list an article name under a section that you think your request should go under and then edit the article itself supplying as much information and ideas for accomplishing the task at hand.

Please use this section to contribute your knowledge of FMStudio and PHP, adding information to articles that meet your skill level. Without the support of other FMStudio developers, FMWebschool simply cannot maintain a growing library of FMStudio and PHP topics.


Using FMStudio


Small Hand Coding Modifications

Significant Custom PHP within an FMStudio Page

I'd like to see the following: the ability to submit a new record in a main table from a filled form, where some of the form data will create anywhere from 1 to N new records in a table related to the record created in the main table. Essentially it'll replicate being able to create new records in a related table via a portal in Filemaker, through the web using FMStudio and PHP. Michael Petrov mentioned this as "a special query for 'add multiple records'"...i'd LOVE to see that in the pipeline...

For the time being, I'll construct the same thing with arrays carried in sessions, a first submit for the new main record followed by a series of submits in a FOR or WHICH or IF loop (probably a FOR) based on presence or absence of first field value in each array. If i can get it running, I will post the code here.


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