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cURL Not Installed

This error is caused by the PHP engine that is running on your testing server not having the cURL extension installed and loaded. The cURL extension allows advanced connection handling between servers, in this case the PHP engine and the FileMaker Server. The easiest way to solve this problem is to reinstall PHP and make sure that the PHP installation includes the cURL extension.

Note for Windows Users: The Windows PHP installer comes with cURL but it has to be selected when choosing the components by expanding the Extensions area in the installer and finding cURL. We also strongly recommend the GD/GD2 extension which allows you to use advanced graphical tools such as our charting module.

405 Method Not Allowed

This error is generally caused by IIS servers that cannot properly execute a request to the .php file extension.

Common Causes:

  • PHP not installed on the Testing Server
  • Testing Server URL Prefix is incorrect and does not point directly into the site folder on the testing server

404 File Not Found

This error is generally caused the server responding to an incorrectly prefixed HTTP request.

Common Causes:

  • Testing Server URL Prefix is incorrect and does not point directly into the site folder on the testing server
  • Firewall on the Dreamweaver workstation or the web server is preventing the HTTP request from going through

Other Causes:

FileMaker Error: Unknown error(

This error is returned from the FileMaker Server Advanced web publishing engine and generally means your site is setup properly. It only shows up when using the FileMaker API and not FX.php.

Common Causes:

  • If the number in brackets is less than 8.0.4 then your FileMaker Server Advanced version is too old to use FileMaker PHP API, either upgrade it or use FX.php instead
  • You have an old expired version of the FileMaker API, make sure you are running FIleMaker Server 9 and then reinstall the API from the Commands menu in Dreamweaver
  • If the version is 8.0.4 then almost certainly it is your permissions or the user name and password combination:
    • Make sure that the user you are entering has the fmphp Extended Privilege enabled
    • Reset the password both in the Dreamweaver dialog and your database, quite often a small spelling error in the password is the cause of this error

Successful Connection and Database Listing, No Layouts, No Fields Displayed

This error signifies that your Dreamweaver site and testing server are setup correctly but the connection to the database server is not fully functioning. In 95% of cases this error is caused by incomplete server setup or incorrect permission settings (see below for more information).

Common Causes:

  • Often the FileMaker Server Advanced has been installed but not fully configured (especially with Servers versions 8 and below). After installing the Server Advanced software you have to go to http://localhost/fmi/config and configure the server user and connection tokens.
    • The best way to rule this one out is to enable Instant Web Publishing and test your database with it. If instant web publishing works and you can browse your layouts, you can rule this cause out.
  • Your database is visible in the list, but the fmxml or fmphp extended privileges were not set for the user that you specified in the connection dialog - therefore no connection could be established to list the actual database.
  • Your username or password is incorrect. Reset your 'webuser' password and try again. FMStudio allows a connection to be made even if the username/password is incorrect.

Successful Connection, Layouts Listed, No Fields Displayed

This error shows up as no fields being displayed or each time you try to list fields - an error appears warning about an incorrect SQL type.

Common Causes:

  • You are using an interface file with correct correct permissions but the actual data file does not have the fmphp or fmxml extended privilege for the user specified in your FMStudio connection settings.
  • Layouts with special characters in their names have been known to cause some issues, try seeing if it is all layouts that display no fields or just some.

The Server Model you are connecting with is not a MySQL Server Model (and other similar errors)

This error can be caused either by an incorrect Testing Server Model being chosen in your site setup, or occasionally by a corrupted site cache within Dreamweaver. In order to fix the site cache corruption search for a folder named "SiteCache" on your local drive, verify that it is within the Adobe files and lists your DW sites, and delete all the files within it. Restart Dreamweaver and everything should be working properly.

General Debug Tool

This tool allows you to:

  • test if PHP is running
  • determine if your host is an Apache or an IIS host (as well as the additional bonus of detection if mod_rewrite is present)
  • determine if curl is enabled
  • test if the connection details you have are for a correctly configured FileMaker Server
  • test a specific user name and password to see if it is configured for web publishing
  • view the phpinfo output
  • Forum Topic and File

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