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The FMStudio Calendar Module allows FMStudio users to create quick javascript from within their dynamic PHP pages with very little effort. It supports both date and timestamp fields as formatting options for the output.


Version History

Version 1.0.0 (July 14, 2007 - no public release)

  • Calendar released with support for themes and two time formats

Version 1.0.2 (July 16, 2007)

  • Added thumbnail support to theme selection
  • Fixed IE bug that broke the calendar due to a JavaScript error

Version 1.0.4 (September 29, 2007)

  • Fixed bug that caused issues in Internet Explorer and Safari when more than one calendar picker would be selected on the page

Version 2.0.0 (October 15, 2009)

  • Added FMStudio Pro compatibility to the module

Quick Tutorial

  • In a new FMStudio PHP page insert a text field using "Insert > Form > Text Field"
    • Optionally create a form tag when asked
  • Click on the text field to select it
  • Select "Server Behaviors > Modules > Calendar > Calendar Module"
  • Select the theme of your choice, leave everything else at their default settings
  • Click "Ok" and save the page, then click "Preview in Browser" to open up the page in your browser
  • You are done, when you will load the page and click into the text field it should show you the calendar with your selected theme

User Guide

1. Text Field Selection

  • The calendar must be applied to a regular text field within your page
  • Create a text field using the "Insert > Form > Text Field" menu
  • Optionally assign a value to the text field from your database (for editing an existing date) by dragging and dropping a recordset binding from the bindings panel into the text field
  • Select your text field, then go to "Server Behaviors > Modules > Calendar > Calendar Module" to open the calendar module creation
  • Check the first item in the dialog to make sure the correct text field is selected

2. Date Formatting

  • Currently the calendar supports selection of either date or date/time (timestamp) format

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use multiple calendars with different themes?

  • The current version of the calendar does not support using multiple themes on the same page for the calendar
    • On a technical level, this is caused by the CSS style sheets for each theme redeclaring the same classes, no easy way around this without modifying both the calendar and all the theme CSS files
    • This also encourages the practice of having consistent calendar controls within each page

Will the calendar show in the live preview mode?

No, the calendar is javascript based and depends on the browser to load many components that the Dreamweaver live preview does not provide. Use the "Preview in Browser" option to test the calendar.

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