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Setting up your email client software with FMGateway is a relatively simple process. Each application that you use (Outlook,, Thunderbird, etc) will have slightly different ways of adding accounts however the information listed here can be used to successfully setup any email system.


Adding Email Accounts

Before you can use your mail services at FMGateway you must have your name servers for the domain transferred to FMGateway, otherwise incoming mail has no way to reach our servers. If you have a subdomain only account incoming email will not work (sending email out should work but might be tagged as spam by some systems since your domain name will not be pointing to our servers). Once you have your domain name transferred to FMGateway you need to add email accounts using the Plesk email section.

Mail Server Address Settings

The FMGateway mail server address is very simple: it is either your subdomain, your main domain (if transferred to FMGateway), or the main server name (for example There is no need to put any prefixes such as or In most cases setting it to your subdomain is the best long term choice.

Email Account Name and Password

It is crucial to use the correct account name during the setup, this will always be a full name such as, not just sales, it must be a full address with @. The password to use here is the password that you specified when you created this mail box in Plesk.

Very Important Note - SMTP Authentication

When you setup your email account within your mail client you will have a section for "Outgoing Mailserver" or "SMTP Server" which controls how outgoing email is processed. Within those settings you will find an option that either says "this mail server requires authentication" or "use name and password", which should allow you to enter your email account name and password to use for outgoing messages. Without this setting in place some emails will randomly bounce with routing errors or permission errors.

Available Email Port Numbers

  • POP: 110, 995 (secure/SSL)
  • SMTP: 25,587, 465 (secure/SSL)
  • IMAP: 143, 993 (secure/SSL)
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