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This page lists technical details of Dolphin Cart updates. It is meant to be used as a guide when manually updating older installations of the product to the latest version.

Dolphin Cart Pro 1.6 (July 09, 2008)


  • Categories now behave properly, product counts of top level categories include subcategory products.
  • Clicking a top level category now lists its products as well as subcategory products.
    • Very important note for upgrading to 1.6: A FileMaker Script named "Category Search" was added, please copy it from the sample database into your current Dolphin Cart 1.5 database.
  • Sub categories are now hidden until a "+" is clicked next to the top level category to expand them.
  • Fixed a number of bugs in the setup, especially during the email SMTP settings verification code sending.
  • Removed auto complete from the credit card fields, previously entered numbers are not suggested anymore by the browser.
  • Manual invoice option does not require an HTTPS URL anymore.

PHP Code Differences

  • Files within the lib folder were updated, please overwrite this whole folder

Dolphin Cart - Update Documentation/1.6 PHP Diff

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