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Installation of the Dolphin Cart package will typically be performed using files that are downloaded from your purchase email or a cd that you have acquired from a trade show where FMWebschool have presented their products.


Server Requirements

Before starting the Dolphin Cart installation you should make sure the following conditions are met on your server:

  • FileMaker Server 8 Advanced or FileMaker Server 9 installed
  • The web publishing engine is enabled and deployed for XML and PHP web publishing
  • PHP installed on your server with the cURL extension enabled

Application Installation (Easy Wizard)

Application Installation (Manual, possibly outdated)

  • Unzip the Dolphin Cart package
  • Host the Dolphin Cart database located in the DB folder on FileMaker Server.
  • Open the hosted database remotely
    • Make sure to change the passwords within the database from their defaults
      • The default user account is "admin" and there is no password
  • Copy the files from the Dolphin Cart package into your webserver directory
    • On Windows this should be C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\
    • On Macintosh this should /Library/WebServer/Documents/
  • Edit the include/ file within the Dolphin Cart package to list credentials for your specific database
  • Find the templates/compiled folder and make sure that it is writable by everybody (Read and Write Privileges)
    • On IIS use the management console to find your target folder, right click, and select write as one of the allowed permissions. The IIS management console is located at: Control Panel > Admin Tools > Internet Information Services > Then the Microsoft Management Console for IIS will open.
    • On an Apache server, either use FTP or your local file browser to find the folder and then right click on it. There will either be a "permissions" option or a "properties" option which will then include permissions. Make sure everyone can write to the folder.

Replace the images/logo.jpg file within the Dolphin Cart installation with your own logo. The default template is designed for a logo of 140px high and an unlimited width - please resize yours accordingly.

Adding Product Images

For products that have images, place them in the products/images/ folder within the Dolphin Cart installation. Once the image files are in this folder, reference them in the Products section of the application.

Mac Issue: core.assemble_plugin_filepath.php not found

On certain systems it seems that the folder and file path name is too long to properly copy off the Dolphin Cart cd (most users would not have this cd and only a downloaded copy which is not affected by this issue). To fix this issue download the following package: Smarty-2.6.16

Once downloaded and extracted, copy all the files your libs/Smarty-2.6.16/ directory within the Dolphin Cart installation location. Overwrite all the files and and the application should start working.

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