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Dolphin Cart is a shopping cart system designed to combine the strengths of FileMaker data storage and manipulation with the flexibility of a PHP powered web application.



Language Management
  • Convenient control panel to easily setup the system
  • Easily customize the cart to use a language of your choice, all within the FileMaker interface
  • Support for customizable and easily changeable templates
    • Ships with the default Dolphin template, more templates will be offered in the future but you are welcome to create and customize your own
  • Customize all the text in the cart interface, add your own languages - all without leaving FileMaker

Easy Product Management

Product Management

Dolphin Cart provides an easy interface for product management with a few options that go beyond the standard product catalog.

Some of the notable features of this system include:

  • Easy stock level selection
    • This field can be modified with your own calculation based on a third party inventory table, allowing you to connect your existing stock tracking system to display real time data to the user.
  • Easily remove products from being displayed on the web by marking them as not active
  • Associate related products together to provide convenient links between products in the cart

Order Handling

Order Handling
  • Modular payment system architecture, add and remove payment system module as your needs change
  • Supports custom shipping/handling calculations
  • Tax is applied individually per item based on the location the user selects
    • The location list is editable from the cart setup menu
    • The tax calculation can be modified to use extra data to determine tax rates, allowing you to have a mixed cart of taxable and non-taxable items
    • Adding custom VAT calculations based on the user location is a breeze. All you need to know is how to work with FileMaker calculations to customize your tax handling.

Payment Systems

Currently Dolphin Cart supports the following payment processing modules:

  • PayPal
  • Authorize.NET
  • Manual Credit Card
  • Manual Invoice

Pro Version Features

The Dolphin Cart Pro product is aimed at stores who have many repeat customers or do ecommerce with downloadable products.

In addition to the full Dolphin Cart Standard feature set, the Pro version allows:

  • Account Registration with access to full order history
  • Speedier checkouts for return users - personal details are all prefilled based on the last order
  • Individualized product emails - when an order is complete an email is sent with the download links or other relevant product information - both buyer and seller receive the email.
  • Individualized products, set some products to be visible to only a few of your users. For example a photographer who provides a username and password to a client and then posts photographs of that session to be visible only to that client.
  • Four Different settings for customer login and registration
    • Enable or Disable the requirement for your users to login before even browsing the store
    • Enable or Disable the requirement to register before checkout (unregistered user can browse and add to cart but must register upon checkout)
    • Enable or Disable public registration, disabling registration allows you to manage the user list separately and then distribute user names and passwords to a specific set of users
    • Completely disable registration and user functions, allowing you to use the other Dolphin Cart features without the extra complexity of having registered users
  • Ability to manage a members-only store both with or without public registration


See the Dolphin Cart - Installation article for installation instructions.

Application User Manual

See the Dolphin Cart - User Manual article for the user manual for the Dolphin Cart database application.

Live Sample Sites

Examples of live dolphin cart sites.

Version History

Version 1.2.0 (September 18, 2007)

  • Product customizations have been added, now products can have an unlimited number of custom modifications that optionally affect the final price of the product
  • Email notification to seller and buyer about a placed order
  • Expanded the setup dialogs and added a comprehensive help system throughout the whole application
  • Change to the thank you page to include a different message for a pending order instead of the default "payment received" page
  • The templates were updated to include more customization within the Templates area in the database
  • A few visual glitches were fixed within the templates
  • Fixed bug causing error messages when removing items from cart.

Version 1.3.0 (December 10, 2007)

  • Added support for coupon codes
  • Added grouping support for users, now products can be displayed only to a specific group
  • Added individual shipping price modifications to products
  • Support for comments/testimonials for logged in users with a 1-5 satisfaction scale
  • Tested and improved support for all languages (both European and Asian language)
  • Improved error handling in some sections
  • Added support for percentage modifications in product customizations
  • Added support to retrieve password through email
  • Database now has a printable invoice layout
  • Many other minor bugs were fixed

Version 1.5.0 (April 3, 2008)

  • Added a setup wizard to remove the need for editing
  • Added support for unlimited level of sub categories for products
  • Bug fix: Any order that is not TEMP cannot by a current cart order anymore (rare bug, appeared in very few cases)
  • Email system was improved to properly date the emails and reduce some problems with bounces to an empty address
  • Failed transactions with Authorize.Net SIM Integration type now produce proper error messages
  • Store Logo can now be specified as a container field on the Setup layout, no need to upload the image separately
  • Each product image can now be specified as a container field on the Product layout, no need to upload the image separately
  • An optional "Show All" link is now available for categories that have multiple pages
  • Category with a single item goes automatically to the detail view of the item when accessed
  • Product image in category view is now a link to the product detail page
  • Featured items are sorted to the top of the list in any category
  • Drop downs were added for expiration month/year in the credit card checkout option
  • The PayPal Payment System now supports a setting for the currency code to change it from USD into your own currency


Please see Dolphin Cart - Troubleshooting for error messages and resolutions.

Beta Testing

Archive of the beta testing information for our live public beta can be found here, results from this program will be integrated into the main product over time.

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