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This page is meant to act as a list of potential/confirmed bugs in Blackbelt that should be looked into and resolved. It is more or less an internal maintenance list, but anyone is welcome to add points to it.



  • The string fmpro that appears within the URL or GET forms causes errors
  • Using the FMP-CurrentRecordCount tag with a -view action is not working (limitation of -view, but should be emulated on demand by performing a dummy findany)

Unconfirmed Bugs

  • Apostrophes in field names / field values causing a 958 error

Feature Requests

  • Please add items here for considerations as feature requests

Not Supported / Not Planned at this Time

  • Support for canEdit, canDelete, etc is not supported by the web engine, currently all will return false
    • No fix is planned at this time, the best workaround is to create a calculation field in your database to return a value here based on some other method of discovering the permissions such as a separate users table.
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