Applying the FileMaker PHP API Update to your Site

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Standalone Websites on Server 9

  1. Download the patch at the bottom of this page: [1]
  2. You should now have the standalone zip file with a FileMaker directory and a FileMaker.php file
  3. In your site, find the location that has both this folder and PHP file and then replace them

Standalone Websites on Server 8

FileMaker Inc have extended the expiration date by 90 days to January 8, 2008. To download this patch for your copy of the API use this link: [2] When you extract the FileMakerImpl.php file from this archive, use it to replace the one within your site under the FileMaker/Implementation directory.

FMStudio Users

  1. Download the latest FMStudio version
  2. Open your FMStudio site in Dreamweaver that you want to update
  3. Open any PHP page from your site
  4. Under the Commands menu choose Install FileMaker PHP API
  5. Choose your version of FileMaker Server and install
  6. If you are using FTP to upload files from your site to the web server, then right click the FileMaker folder and choose "put" to reupload the whole folder
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